Everyone at some point talks about sex: if we have heard something new, different practices that arise, curiosities, doubts, etc. It is a subject that is lived with curiosity, as something pleasant, enjoyable and fun, and that generates many topics of conversation, regardless of our age.

But does everyone live it the same way? Do we have a good sex education? Do we live it as something natural or are there still some taboos about it? Do myths still exist or have we already disassembled them? How do sexual difficulties arise? What can I do if I don’t live my sexuality how I would like to? In this workshop we will solve these and many other questions about sexuality in order to live it in a healthier and more pleasant way.


 What is sexuality and how do we express it.

  • Dismantling myths.
  • Main sexual difficulties
  • Techniques for living a healthy sexuality.

Dates: April 6 and 27, 2019

Hours: 4 hours (from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Teacher: Camila Galindo (trainee) and Estefanía

Address: Institute Psychology-Sexology Mallorca. San Miguel Street, nº68A, 5th floor (Palma de Mallorca).



“We do not currently plan to hold this workshop soon, but if you are interested in this topic, any of our psychologists can help you. You can choose to request a first appointment for free and without compromise.”

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