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Laura N. Roza Amengual

General Health Psychologist
Collegiate No B-02389

To be honest, at the age of 17 I didn’t have the slightest idea of the journey I was about to take. I just knew that whatever I did, I wanted to be able to contribute something to others.

When I started to study the degree in psychology, I was not aware of the fact that it would become my passion rather than a profession.I must say that, even taking the risk of being poetic, I definitely fell in love with the discipline as I got hooked with its eagerness to analyze the mind, the emotions involved and the human behavior. Throughout my degree, I was given the opportunity to work as a collaborator student for both the Neuroscience and the Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment departments, that allowed me to know the research area from the first hand.

Before finishing my degree, I was awarded with the CIEE scholarship, to study at Stanford University (located in California). I remember that experience with great affection since I was enriched both personally and professionally. Actually, it became a turning point since it made me share experiences and learn from different cultures. Once I came back home, I finished the health and clinical psychology program and I immediately started to work as a psychologist.

At the beginning, I worked in a multidisciplinary team, where I realized that many people came to the nutrition consultation asking for help without success as they didn’t find the support they actually needed. In order to offer them the kind of accompaniment they needed, I decided to study a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and eating disorders. Subsequently, this led me to study the degree in Human Nutrition, with the aim of offering a multi-faceted psycho-nutritional approach.

In addition, I was engaged in several training courses to address emotional and mood disorders, as well as bereavement (in both perinatal field and couples) or gender-based violence cases, among other topics. I also wanted to explore different fields; that’s why I worked in the social area, with families and children. This experience made me focus my profession from another point of view.
To enhance my interest in learning, I simultaneously carried out several mindfulness courses and retreats. In fact, I still consider training as the keystone within my profession. Due to that, I am continuously retrained with the most updated evidence.

Academic background:

Degree in Psychology
University of the Balearic Islands (UIB)

Private practice Clinical Psychology Certification
Ministry of Health of the Balearic Islands

Abnormal Psychology Course
Stanford University

Master’s degree in Nutrition and Health: Clinical nutrition and eating disorders
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Further remarkable training:
-Course “Mindfulness based stress reduction program for health professionals” taught by Mauro García Toro in Official College of Physicians in the Balearic Islands (2017).
-Course “Child sexual abuse: Assessment and clinical-forensic intervention” in Official College of Psychologists in the Balearic Islands. (2017)
-Course “Perinatal loss and bereavement” in Official College of Psychologists in the Balearic Islands. (2020)
-Training in gender-based violence – psychological attention and support to victims and children – UNED and Official College of Psychologists in the Balearic Islands. (2017-2020)

Work experience with different groups:

• Adults that suffer from emotional and behavioral issues (depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem…)
• Adults and adolescents with eating disorders
• People at risk of social exclusión / vulnerable groups (gender-based violence victims…)
• Postpartum depression and perinatal bereavement (perinatal mental health)
• Mindfulness groups